What Is Discord Nitro And How To Get It For Free

Discord is one of the most popular gaming chat service apps, allowing its users to host free discord servers, where they can chat via text, voice chat and even hold basic video conversations. With a seamless integration with video games and an easy intuitional design, Discord has quickly rose up to be one of the main popular chat platforms in the world.

Although the app itself and server hosting is completely free, players have chance to purchase a premium Discord account, called Discord Nitro. Here’s everything you need to know about Discord Nitro and how to get it for free.

What Is Discord Nitro

While Discord itself is completely free, players who want some extended user settings and additional perks such as custom Discord number tag, can choose to purchase a premium Discord Nitro membership for their account. Although everyone can use the basic Discord functions uninterrupted, Discord Nitro users receive a set of benefits that are not only cosmetic, but can also improve the general quality of life.

Discord Nitro is available in two different versions: standard Discord Nitro and the slightly cheaper Discord Nitro Classic. Discord Nitro can be purchased via subscription, you can select one of the tiers that interests you and you will be continuously charged every month. When your subscription ends all your extra user settings will be saved until you renew your subscription.

Benefits For Nitro Classic Subscribers include:

  • Being able to use custom emojis on every server
  • 50 MB upload limit
  • 1080p resolution and 60 fps cap
  • 30% off server boosts

Standard Nitro subscribers also receive

  • 2 additional free server boosts
  • Longer messages in the chat
  • Ability to host more discord servers
  • Profile banners
  • Discord Nitro sticker packs

In addition, every user who subscribes to Discord Nitro will receive a Nitro badge in their profile. Badges appear next to your name are visible to everyone else.

Is It Worth To Get A Discord Nitro Subscription?

The NItro perks can be very useful to every Discord user, and the extended cosmetic benefits might seem attractive. If you are only using Discord for communication with you friends while gaming, a free account will be enough. However, you can also invest in a Discord Nitro classic subscription for bigger uploads and improved audio quality.

However, if you’re hosting a more than one Discord server of your own, a full Discord Nitro subscription is an absolute must-have. The increased character count and bigger uploads will make moderating multiple Discord servers much easier, and allow you to efficiently control what’s happening in your servers. Additional server boosting will also allow free users to enjoy your Discord Nitro perks as well.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

Although Discord Nitro is purchased in a subscription model, there are some ways to get Discord Nitro for free. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Free Discord Nitro codes

Some websites do regular Discord Nitro code giveaways. These are often done on a first-come-first-served basis, meaning that you always have to be on the lookout, if you want to get free Discord Nitro codes. Sometimes these codes are also handed out as a promotion to various users, and those that don’t need them often post them online for someone else to use. Here are some free Nitro codes you can try:

  1. NwgkQHnVBdkPGd7h
  2. TFSxtAZpHwDshcCe
  3. zOPReThLmAdreBRo
  4. tOxlrlsEsputHuji
  5. bRowrephUspadRls
  6. xOpHltipHesisplT
  7. YiranlvUPuFREcoc
  8. kAPhuwrIbEfahlte
  9. sisTESWojuspujlp
  10. JInohEcabRochlWi
  11. XecRiCHurapicOmi
  12. croTRIsikucruBRO
  13. drocObruchexidut
  14. jecrOSLklprlwoPh
  15. juSTuMLrustLswat
  16. tHLnlFrarEfusPOp
  17. xUstOThustAneswi
  18. stibEtHltRocruWR
  19. qokifuDraspoxehi
  20. habRipRlprixoyow
  21. DadlziyUxophebit
  22. joGucifRabltragi
  23. pRAfRlxemiqOVina
  24. weswexlstOdaHaxa
  25. frucHipeyicusWLt
  26. davozuPrOrEwiKuD
  27. bUdrOKubriwroStU
  28. braSemonobrinugU
  29. NesWIPrlthOSplga
  30. fufutHifIgefraho
  31. hizOcaWufajavofr
  32. piBaswuzlbriWeyi
  33. hapikistoYESTufE
  34. MoswOxAswOsipisW
  35. chefrosTlflclspe
  36. mLprAyogatufUthE
  37. BregesPudoxaxUst
  38. wIpHavogosibriSt
  39. Swiflzlkiqirldiy
  40. swajahifruswufLF
  41. SWIchlMUstutrEQl
  42. tunuwAthusachIWr
  43. flswEnophithutiz
  44. paSUBiwaphophiSw
  45. fewroqutlyiXaciz
  46. jopOsPiphijezlNa
  47. dLbrUdraVaPastlm
  48. cLTesWITEbrlbopl
  49. jugoWldlXuPROtRu
  50. sWahanestiDlmuta
  51. crLTrapesaTEStoZ
  52. chugiKIHuJIstedo
  53. JexUfosplthiTIwl
  1. Nitro Giveaways

Websites and sometimes even YouTubers and twitch streamers hold regular Discord Nitro giveaways to attract potential viewers to their content. It’s a great way for non-Nitro users to get their free Nitro membership, as it requires almost zero effort. In some cases, you might need to register a free account on a trading website or share a post on your social media.

Nitro giveaways happen all the time, so if you want to try your chances simply search for the nearest one happening and register. You have nothin to lose, and you might win a free Nitro subscription.

  1. CashYea

CashYea is a new service, which allows its users to complete simple tasks online to earn credits, which they can payout in one of the many forms available. All you need to have is a phone, an internet connection and a little free time.

CashYea offers many different tasks to its users. You can choose to watch videos, play online games or complete surveys to collect points toward your payout. Once you collect enough, you can take them out in one of the many different forms available. One of the ways to get your funds is with free Discord Nitro subscription codes. This means that if you’ve got some time to spare, or would like to use the time you spend commuting effectively, you can easily get Discord Nitro for free with CashYea.

CashYea also includes a nice welcome bonus on the first payout for every user, as well as a referral system, which will allow you to get your Discord Nitro subscription for free much faster.

To Sum Up

Discord Nitro gives many new features to everyone, who subscribes. If you think that this sounds like something you might need, try one of the methods listed on this list to get your Discord Nitro subscription for free.

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