What Games Pay Real Money?

Nowadays, with smartphones being so cheap and accessible, playing games on the go is easy, and everyone can have an access to large library of free games. There are many different mobile games available completely free, so everyone can find something to their liking.

And while playing games is always fun, today there’s one extra indictment – players can win free money from their favorite games. Don’t believe us? Here are some games that pay real money for playing them!

How To Win Cash Prizes By Playing Games?

Today, there are many games that pay real money for playing them, however, if you’re looking for the best way to play games and win cash rewards, CashYea is your best choice. One of the best game apps available on the market, CashYea is at its core a money-making website, that allows you to win real cash prizes for simply playing games on your phone. All you need to earn money playing games at CashYea is your mobile phone, a little bit of time, and an internet connection.

When you create a free account at CashYea, you will immediately get access to many different tasks that you can complete to receive your payout. You can fill out surveys for cash, watch videos, and most importantly, play games that pay real money. At CashYea for completing any of the tasks, you receive a number of gems, a fictional CashYea currency. Online games at CashYea most often feature a number of tasks and goals that you can complete in order to win money. These most often include completing an in-game quest or reaching a certain level in the game. Once you collect enough gems, you can cash them out with many different methods. You can get a standard bank transfer, free PayPal cash, various free gift cards, and even cryptocurrencies! CashYea is the best place to play free games and receive real money.

You also don’t need to be 18 years or older, or even have access to a bank account, to earn cash rewards for playing games at CashYea. Although you won’t be able to choose all the possible payout methods, you’ll still be able to earn money playing games.

What Games Offer Cash Prizes?

If you’d like to try some different games, there are many great choices available at the Google Play Store. Many mobile games allow you to win money online, and the extra cash you earn can be a great source of some pocket money. Here are a few free games that pay real money for playing:

  1. Solitaire Cash

If you’re a fan of solitaire, there’s no better way to earn extra money than Solitaire Cash. One of the most popular real money games, Solitair Cash lets you potentially win money for solving various solitaire sets. The free app is available at the Google Play store and Apple Pay, and allows you to redeem points you win for completing Solitaire games for real cash prizes.

Solitaire Cash is a great choice if you want to really test your skills and get real money in return. In order to win cash prizes in the game, you need to participate in the Solitaire Cash tournaments against other players on a similar skill level. The Solitaire Cash tournaments feature solving solitaire sets on time with other players. Whenever you finish up on the 4th place, you are eligible for real cash prizes.

In order to enter the Solitaire Cash tournaments you need to have gems in your account. Gems can be purchased for real money with deposit money in the store, or you can score them for free, by watching videos, filling out surveys, and playing free games. Solitaire Cash allows you to earn cash rewards completely free, you don’t need to deposit cash in order to enter real money tournaments. All you have to do is complete a couple of tsks, and you can have your shot at winning free money.

  1. Bubble Cash

If you’re a fan of fun games that pay real money, you’ve probably heard about bubble cash. Similar to popular arcade games, Bubble Cash works similarly to Solitaire Cash. You can play the game for free, or spend some deposit money to enter cash tournaments, where you have chances to earn money.

Bubble Cash is similar to the popular game Tetris, all you have to do, is place a number of bubble in the row in order to eliminate them. After clearing our enough of the bubbles, you win. Paid tournaments allow you to earn money if you clear out the board faster than other players. The app also allows you to earn a payout in many different forms, including normal cash and funds for your PayPal account.

Like Solitaire Cash, in order to win real cash prizes, you need to pay some deposit cash. However, you can earn your deposit by completing classic tasks, like watching videos or filling out surveys. Although it might take some time, Bubble Cash allows you to earn money playing games, if you’re a good enough player.

  1. Bingo Cash

If you’re a fan of bingo games and think you’re good enough to beat other players, Bingo Cash is a great way to earn some real money. Bingo Cash allows you to earn real money by playing mobile games, though keep in mind that the game is currently only available for Android devices.

Bimgo Cash features a smile concept. You play Bingo against other players, and you can also play competitive games that pay real money if you finish at a high enough spot. Bingo Cash is great if you like to play mobile games and is an engaging way to spend some free time on a bus or a break at work. Like other games on this list, in order to enter rewarded play you need to pay real money for the deposit.

While you can score the game’s currency for log-in rewards, rewarded play is difficult to access without paying real money for the deposit. Combined with the fact that you only earn money for Multiplayer Tournaments, Bingo Cash can be a good way to earn money, if you like to test your skill and are serious about playing video games.

  1. Pool Payday

Another game for the fans of cash games that pay real money and require some real skill, Pool Payday is a great way to kill some time and earn money on the side. The game is available for Android and iOS, and is a great way to make some money on the side while also having fun. If you enjoy playing online games and are looking to earn some cash on the side, Pool Payday will be a great choice.

Like most mobile games that pay real cash prizes, players can try out some free games against other players, while allowing them to participate in real money games for a real cash deposit. However, to keep playing you need to either have a good score and win a number of games, or pay real money to buy the tickets you need to enter cash tournaments.

Although winning real money online via Poll Payday can be difficult and require some real money, it also features some of the biggest prize pools out of all the games on this list. Some of the biggest tournaments allow you to win over 10000$!

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for some extra pocket money, online game apps are a great way to earn extra income while having fun. If you’re looking to make money by playing games, be sure to check out CashYea, where you can earn free gift cards, real money, cryptocurrencies, and more!

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