What Are Free Rust Skins and How to Make Money with Them?

Rust is one of the most popular games on Steam, with many different weapons, furniture, and even rock skins available to the players. Rust players can modify many different aspects of the game with different Rust skins from their Steam inventory. Some of the Rust skins can be worth quite a lot of money as well, and if you have a rare Rust skin in your inventory, you can make some real cash.

There are many different ways to obtain Rust skins in 2023. Players can use the integrated item shop, open skin crates, and purchase Rust skins from other players at the Steam marketplace. However, besides purchasing or trading, there are many other ways to get free Rust skins.

Why Did I Get a Free Skin in Rust?

If you were playing Rust for some time, chances are you got a free skin randomly in your inventory, without doing anything. If this happened, don’t be shocked. The game allows players to obtain free Rust skins from random drops.

Players can earn skin drops by simply playing the game. If you had the game opened for a longer session, you can earn free skins randomly, without any effort on your side. If this happens, you will be simply informed in-game that you got a new drop.

You can easily earn Rust skins by simply playing the game. It’s a great way to expand your inventory since you can get your own Rust skins without much effort. You don’t even have to play on official Rust servers. The game allows you to earn free Rust skins even when you’re playing on a modded server with your friends. Players can’t influence the rate at which they receive skin drops, nor which specific free Rust skins they will receive, therefore you can easily farm your skins at any server in the game.

What Oher Ways Are There To Get Free Skins In Rust?

Although random drops from playing the game are possibly the easiest way to add free Rust skins to your Steam inventory, there are many other methods, which can reward you with free items. If you want your own Rust skin for free, here are some other ways that can help you obtain them:

  • Skin Giveaways – Many websites, as well as popular streamers and bloggers, offer free skin giveaways as a form of promoting their brand. In some cases, you might have to register a free account or share a post to your social media, after which you can redeem Rust skins for free.
  • Events – Like many other online games, Rust offers free skins during some of the occasional events. To get free Rust skins this way, all you have to do, is log in during the event and you can claim your free Rust skin.
  • Twitch Drops – Rust offers an integrated feature, which allows players to obtain free Rust skins by simply watching their favorite streamers online. If you regularly watch a streamer who has skin drops enabled for his channel, you will be eligible for random drops.

Can You Sell Free Rust Skins?

If you managed to get an expensive Rust skin for free, good news. You can sell these skins for real money, just like you would any other Steam item. Since the game is quite popular, there are many players who are looking to buy Rust skins, as well as many different websites, which allow you to sell Rust skins from your inventory for real money. If you’re looking to sell your free Rust skins for real money, here’s what you can try:

  1. Steam Community Market

If you have some items in your Steam inventory, you can easily sell them for real money on the Steam community market. Rust comes with features that easily integrate the market with the rest of the game, allowing you to easily control your trades. However, if you want to sell Rust skins for real cash, the Steam market isn’t really the best way to do it. While it’s very easy and convenient, Valve takes a significant cut on every transaction. In addition, when you sell any item on the Steam market, you get paid in funds, which immediately go to your Steam wallet. If you want to payout these funds in real money, you will have to use them to purchase game codes, which you can later sell to other players via some type of third-party website.

  1. SkinCashier

If you want to quickly sell Rust skin (or multiple skins at the same time), Skincashier is possibly your best choice. The website allows you to quickly offload any skins for Steam games that you don’t need. All you have to do is log in to their website, select the skins that you want to sell, choose your payout method, and finalize the transaction. Skincashier is a great way to sell free Rust skins for any kind of payout you want. You can select a standard bank transfer, Steam gift cards, and even cryptocurrencies. If you got a Rust weapon or a rock skin that you don’t need, Skincashier is a great way to turn these items into real money.

  1. OPmarket

If you prefer to sell your skins to other players but don’t want to use the Steam community market, OPmarket is a great way to trade with players quickly and conveniently. The website is a third-party market for various Steam games, allowing buyers and sellers to easily connect and trade their items. When you trade on OPmarket, you will receive your money instantly, without having to exchange Steam wallet funds. Additionally, you can receive your payout in one of the many different methods available. If you want to trade Rust skins with other players, OPmarket is the way to go.

In Conclusion

You can get free Rust skins by simply playing the game, and they are worth just as much as every other Rust item you could get your hands on. If you want to sell your free Rust skins, be sure to try one of the methods mentioned in the article.

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