The Best Shows to Watch on Apple TV

These days, everyone has access to hundreds of streaming services, as every major production and entertainment company creates its own. Every day, hundreds of pieces of content are streamed on platforms like Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+. Sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with what’s out there. That’s why we’re here to help you, and today we’re going to talk about the best shows on Apple TV.

Some Basic Information About Apple TV

Apple Inc. is the world’s leading technology company. Its founder Steve Jobs was known as one of the most innovative people who ever lived. His products revolutionized an entire industry and created a company that has maintained a leadership position in the market for decades. This was due to his progressive thinking, modern approach, and confidence in taking bold steps, which has endured to this day, many years after his death. The company is still not afraid to take on challenges, such as venturing into new industries.

How Was Apple TV Created?

As you know, the entertainment industry has changed drastically over the past few years since the streaming era began. People got used to being able to access everything in the comfort of their own homes and were willing to pay a lot of money for the widest possible selection of movies and TV shows. All the major media companies began to create their own streaming services to gain a share of this huge market. For Apple, as a technology company, it wasn’t an obvious choice, but seeing how Amazon created Amazon Prime Video, they decided it was an idea worth investing in, and so in 2019 they released both Apple TV+ and Apple Studios. The former is a streaming platform, while the latter is a production studio dedicated to creating original content for their service.

The platform currently has more than 25 million subscribers, which isn’t a large number compared to its biggest competitors like Netflix and HBO Max, but it’s still growing, and given the quality of the content it creates, we see a lot of potential.

How Much Is Apple TV?

Apple TV is currently one of the cheapest streaming platforms available on the market, as it costs just $6.99/month and does not divide its plans into those with or without ads. Unfortunately, this fact still fails to convince many people to subscribe to it. We, however, think it’s a really great offer.

Also, it is worth noting that Apple provides users with three trial period options and these are::

  • 7 days
  • 3 months if you purchase an Apple product
  • 1 month if you purchase it as part of Apple One.

And what exactly is Apple One?

Apple One is an Apple program that is designed as a monthly subscription and allows users to access various Apple services through special packages. There are 3 different options available:

  • Individual – $16.95/month.
  • Family – $22.95/mo.
  • Premier – $32.95/month.

Can You Get Apple TV for Free?

While we think Apple TV is a great deal, it’s always better to get something for free than to have to pay for it. Fortunately, thanks to CashYea, users can now get a subscription without spending a single cent.

All you have to do is create an account and complete a few simple tasks provided by the site. These include activities such as filling out surveys, playing games and logging into various portals. In return, members receive Gems, which are a special currency used on the platform. They can later be exchanged for various rewards, such as free Apple gift cards that can be used to pay for subscriptions or free Spotify Premium or HBO Max accounts. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Top 5 Best Shows on Apple TV

Now that we’ve covered the technical issues and costs of Apple TV, let’s move on to the more enjoyable part of our article – our favorite shows currently available on the platform.

These 5 series are sure to convince you to subscribe to this streaming service.

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1. Morning Show

Wanting to start with something great, we’ve put The Morning Show at the top of our list. The series was created by Jay Carson and deals with the groundbreaking #MeToo movement, a massive campaign against sexual abuse that originated in Hollywood in 2017. It is a star-studded drama that features some of cinema’s biggest stars, namely Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon (both of whom also executive produced the series), and Steve Carell. These are some of the most prominent actors of our time, who are usually reluctant to take on long-term projects, making it all the more apparent how good the script for this series is.

The Morning Show premiered in 2019 and has since lived to see two seasons, which is mainly the fault of the pandemic. However, viewers can expect a new third season as early as the fall of 2023. Right now, it’s definitely one of the biggest hits on Apple TV and one of Amazon Studios’ best original productions. So if you’re thinking about subscribing, do it if only for this series.

2. Shining Girls

The first season of The Shining Girls premiered not long ago, in 2022, and the series has already become a huge hit. It is based on the book by Lauren Beukes, which was published in 2013, and stars popular actresses Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura, as well as Jamie Bell, known to everyone from the movie Billy Elliot. The series is a chilling thriller whose plot tells the story of Kirby Mazrachi, an employee of a newspaper published in Chicago. She survived an attack by a serial killer and since then nothing in her life has been the same. She feels that her reality has changed drastically and struggles to navigate her new life. Therefore, she sets her sights on finding her abuser in collaboration with reporter Dan Velazquez.

If you’re a fan of this type of mystery story, then Shinning Girls is perfect for you. However, we do not recommend watching it alone.

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3. Slow Horses

Slow Horses is also a brand-new Apple TV production that premiered in early April 2022, with its second season arriving shortly after in December. It stars Oscar winner Gary Oldman and five-time BAFTA nominee Kristin Scott Thomas. In addition, viewers can watch stars such as Olivia Cook, known for example from the series The House of Dragon, so this is a truly impressive display of acting talent.

The plot of the series tells the story of agents of the British intelligence service who scored a major mishap in their career. As a result, they were sentenced to a kind of exile. They ended up in Slough House, a place where unsuccessful employees of the MI5 department are supposed to be hidden from the world and perform only insignificant tasks. Among them is River Cartwright, who cannot accept his fate, especially the fact that he has to endure mental abuse from his boss Jackson Lamb. Slow Horses is a great combination of dark comedy, spy drama and thriller. Its fans can also rest assured that it will continue, as it has been renewed for a third and fourth season.

4. Shrinking

Shrinking is the most recent show on our list, premiering in January 2023. It was created by Bill Lawrence, Brett Goldstein and Jason Segel, who also plays one of the leading roles in it. In addition, its star-studded cast includes legends such as Harrison Ford and up-and-coming talents such as Jessica Williams.

The plot of this phenomenal comedy-drama tells the story of the life of a psychiatrist played by Jason Segal. His wife has died, and he hasn’t been able to get back on his feet since, which reflects on both his personal and professional life. The situation affects his approach to his patients and forces him to use a new tactic with them – painful honesty. As a result, many funny, but also heart-wrenching situations occur, which together create a very engaging story. In fact, the series has already been renewed for a second season.

5. Severance

Severance is a 2022 series created by screenwriter Dan Erickson and directed by renowned comedy actor Ben Stiller. However, the main roles are played by Adam Scott, Zach Cherry and Britt Lower.

It is a dystopian psychological thriller that tells the story of a company that has developed a special technology known as “severance.” Its purpose is to separate employees’ personal lives from their professional careers so they can perform better at work. The result is virtually two separate personalities that do not communicate with each other. What’s more, at some point they also begin to have completely different objectives, which leads to many twists and turns. If you like mysteries and dramas starring an all-star cast, Severance is definitely for you. The second season of the series is scheduled to premiere in 2024.


Apple TV is a great streaming platform that offers access to an exceptional selection of movies and series. Users there have access to releases they won’t see anywhere else, all for just $7 a month. Also, if you want to get access for free, remember that you can do so by completing a few simple tasks on CashYea. Streaming has never been so easy.

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