How To Get Free Rust Skins

Rust is one of the more popular Steam games, played daily by thousands of different players worldwide. The game pits different players against one another in a competitive survival match, where they have to gather resources, build bases and even fight other players.

As one of the most popular online games on the Steam platform, Rust features many different cosmetic items, many of them worth quite a lot of money. Players who are lucky enough to earn free Rust skins while playing have a chance to obtain valuable items for free, simply by playing the game. If you want to obtain free Rust skins, continue reading this guide.

What Are Free Rust Skins?

Players in Rust craft many different items throughout the game, including weapons, armor, and even individual construction pieces and furniture. Rust gives players a very high degree of customization when it comes to their looks and playstyle, with users able to change and modify virtually any aspect of their look and their base. Besides building different furniture and crafting different items, players can also use skins in Rust to modify their individual looks.

A Rust skin will simply replace the texture of your item or furniture. Skins in Rust don’t provide you with any direct benefits, aside from improved looks. Still, the Rust community considers skins to be a very important part of the game, with expensive transactions on the Steam market, as well as new community skins being added to the Steam workshop on a regular.

Whenever you earn a free Rust skin, it gets added to your Steam inventory and you can equip it in-game or trade it with other players on the Steam marketplace. Free Rust skins function literally like any other Rust game skins and can be worth just as much money. Although it depends entirely on your luck, you can get expensive Rust skins by simply playing the game. This means that, if you’re lucky enough, you can make some really good money by selling Rust skins.

How To Earn Free Rust Skins?

While you can buy Rust skins in the in-game shop or on the Steam marketplace, you can also earn Rust skins completely free, without having to spend a single cent. Here are some methods that can get you your own Rust skins:

  1. CashYea

CashYea is a new money-making website, which allows you to earn real money and free gift cards for completing tasks. All you have to do is create a free account on the CashYea website, start completing tasks in order to earn gems, and exchange them for a quick and easy payout.

What sets CashYea apart from the competition are the many different payout options that you can choose. Besides various methods of money transfer and gift cards, you can also receive different game items, including free Rust skins.

With CashYea you can easily land valuable Rust skins for simply completing basic tasks like watching videos or playing mobile games. Whenever you complete a task, your CashYea account gets rewarded with a special currency, called gems. After you collect enough gems, you can choose to redeem Rust skins of the same value. If you want, you can also simply get free Steam gift cards for your gems, which you can later spend on the Steam community market for free Skins from other players. Since you can easily sell Rust skins to other players, the free skins you get by completing CashYea tasks can actually become a good source of regular income. The website also offers a free sign-up bonus after you complete the sign-up process, which can help you earn your free Rust skins even faster.

  1. Random Drops

Random drops are the easiest way to get free Rust skins. All you have to do is simply play the game on any of the Rust servers (including non-official ones) and you’ll get your free Rust skin. Whenever you get one of the skin drops, you will get a notification, and the skin will be added to your Steam inventory, in the Rust tab. While there’s no known rule as to how often free skins drop in Rust, the longer your game sessions, the more chances you generally have to earn free skins.

  1. Giveaways

One of the easiest ways to obtain free Rust skins, aside from playing the game itself, is by participating in Rusk skin giveaways. Often streamers and various gaming websites will offer skin giveaways as a form of promotion. In most cases you will have to share a post to your social media or create a free account in order to participate in the giveaway. It’s still the best way to obtain Rust skins without having to do anything, but keep in mind that getting free Rust skins this way requires significant luck.

  1. Twitch Drops

Twitch drops are a great way to get free Rust skins, and can also help you earn some real money when you manage to sell them. Some of the most popular Rust streamers have a partnership with Facepunch Studios, which allows them to enable free Rust skins drops for their viewers. Players can get random free Rust skins or skin crates, which they can later sell on the Steam community market or via another third-party website. Players can simply earn skin drops by watching their favorite Streamer. If you want to get free Rust skins from Twitch drops, make sure that your account has drops enabled, and simply continue to watch your favorite Rust streamer like you normally would. Chances are you might even receive special free Rust skins, dedicated to the Streamer you’ve been watching.

  1. Reclaim Rust Skins

There’s a way to craft skins in Rust by simply re-using some of your own Rust skins and turning them into new ones. Although this process takes quite a lot of time, and resources, and is also random, it’s still a good way to get your own Rust skin completely free, especially if you already own a lot of cheap Rust skins in your inventory. You can choose to recycle them for resources, which can be turned into loot boxes in the process, allowing you to get a free Rust skin at random. Depending on the quality of resources that you have, you can craft different loot boxes, each containing a skin of a different rarity.

To Sum Up

Free Rust skins can be a great way of making some extra money on the side. Even the cheapest free skins in Rust can be turned into at least a couple of cents or can be scrapped for resources to get other random skins. If you want to get free Rust skins, remember that CashYea is the best method to do it.

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