How To Get Free PSN Codes: Quick guide

Playstation Network is the name for the Sony online platform, which connects playstation users worldwide. Plasytation Network is free for every user, however, it also includes an online store with downloadable games and in-game items, as well as DLC.

Although most content in the Playstation store require you to pay for it, there’s a method for obtaining these in-store items for free. Here’s a quick guide on how to get free PSN codes.

What Is The Playstation Store?

The Playstation store is an online store that’s available by default to all Playstation users. The store is mostly used to purchase games, which the players will be able to download from their account at any given time. Besides full games, the Playstation store also contains DLC for other games, as well as any virtual currency available, in game items and other microtransactions.

Besides games, players can also purchase various cosmetic changes for their Playstation Network profile. These include avatar pictures, themes and other features.

There are many different payment methods for the Playstation store. You can use a normal bank card to pay for your purchases, but there are also other methods such as Paypal cash, which can be used to pay for downloadable games. Finally, there are also Playstation store gift cards, which you can redeem for an in-store credit. They work like pre-paid cards with different amounts of money on them. All you have to do, is simply redeem PSN codes to get your funds.

How To Get Free PSN Codes?

There are couple of methods, which you can use to get free PSN codes for your Playstation account. If you want to enter PSN codes for free funds, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to your avatar on the top of the screen
  2. Press X to open the drop-down menu
  3. Select redeem codes
  4. Enter your PSN codes and press ‘Redeem’

If you’ve followed all the steps correctly, you should see the PSN funds on your account. Here are some methods on how to get free PSN codes:

Search For PSN Codes Online

You can actually find legitimate PSN codes online on various websites. These might’ve been a part of a giveaway, handed out by a generous player, or a part of some type of promotion. It’s worth it to try and find these codes, as these are free gift card codes with almost zero effort.

Here is a free PSN codes list, which you can try to get free gift cards for your Playstation account:

  • HFJD-JBN2-B4L5
  • LRC7-6PNR-J627
  • JK84-47N5-CM4R
  • 7KPC-PPNT-8GB2
  • QQ5H-T8NK-J59M
  • LRC7-6PNR-J627
  • QQ5H-T8NK-J59M
  • 67NT-6JNJ-DADE
  • AR5T-JQN5-DLB8
  • 7KPC-PPNT-8GB2
  • HFJD-JBN2-B4L5
  • 7BDM-9QNC-9T9A
  • JK84-47N5-CM4R
  • 3DCH-23N7-7K5T

Completing Offers

There are various different websites, which allow you to earn points, that you can later use to earn rewards, such as discount codes, Paypal cash or even PSN codes. In order to get free PlayStation codes this way, you might have to watch videos, play games or complete surveys. After you get enough points to redeem for rewards, you can get free Playstation Store gift cards, which have PSN codes of different values.

If you’re looking to get free PSN codes by completing offers, the best website to do this is CashYea. With CashYea, you can quickly get free Playstation gift cards, as well as other payout methods. You can complete simple tasks, such as watching videos, giving your opinions on advertisements, sharing posts on social media, or even simply playing games, which reward you with real money.

Using CashYea is easy, all you have to is create a free account, start completing the tasks that you like and receive your free PSN codes. It is that simple.

Is CashYea Legit?

Yes, CashYea is 100% legit. If you complete tasks listed on the CashYea website, you are guaranteed to get your free PSN code, as soon as you choose to redeem your points. CashYea offers complete security on any transaction you make, and ensures that you will always receive your payout for the tasks completed.

The process is very easy. Once you register with CashYea, you will receive a regular access to a different set of easy tasks, which you can complete to rack up points. After you earn enough points, you can try redeeming them for one of the many different payout methods available. You can simply select a classic bank transfer of funds, but you can also choose different methods, such as amazon gift cards, or Playstation store codes. All you have to do, is simply to redeem your CashYea points for a free Playstation gift card with a Playstation Network code inside, redeem it for your account and enjoy your funds. You can immediately spend them for downloadable games, DLC and other store items.

In addition, CashYea also offers a registration bonus, which can help you get your Playstation network codes even faster. After you register your free account and complete a number of tasks, you will be rewarded with an extra bonus for a first-time withdrawal of funds from your CashYea points. You can use this bonus to get your free codes faster and buy games from the Playstation store.

To Sum Up

One of the best methods of getting free PSN codes is to look for the free codes online. However, if you want to try completing some simple tasks, CashYea is your best choice.

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