How Do I Cancel Spotify Premium Trial?

Spotify is the number 1 most popular music streaming service currently available. It has millions of users worldwide and gives its users access to music by the world’s most popular artists, but also gives a platform to less-known artists, where they can reach thousands of listeners every month.

Besides music, Spotify also allows users to listen to podcasts from all over the world on different topics, and even upload podcasts of their own. With all these features Spotify is a great service for anyone who’s looking to listen or to produce music of their own.

While everyone can register a Spotify account for free, Spotify itself is sadly not a free service. In order to use it with its full range of features, you’ll need to purchase a Spotify premium subscription. However, if you’re interested in using Spotify, but aren’t exactly sure if the streaming platform is for you, Spotify offers a free premium trial period, during which you can cancel Spotify premium subscription without paying anything.

Are you already on your trial period, or simply looking for how to cancel it just in case? If this applies to you, look no further. Here’s our guide on how to cancel Spotify premium free trial.

What Is Spotify Premium Account?

Spotify allows users to access it for free, however, as a free user you will have a lot of limitations on the content that you can access. Although you’ll be able to listen to music, there are some severe restrictions, which will seriously limit your experience. If you listen to music with a free account, you can expect:

  • Regular advertisements limit your experience and interrupt your music
  • Can only listen to music on shuffle mode
  • Limited to skipping six songs an hour

Although these might not seem like serious restrictions, they seriously affect your experience and can make your listening experience much less enjoyable. In order to avoid running into these obstacles, you will have to purchase a Spotify premium subscription.

A Spotify premium subscription costs $9.99 and allows you to access all of the Spotify content without any limits. The subscription is recurring, meaning that you have to pay $9.99 every month if you want to continue to use the premium features of the platform. In addition, you will also have access to many personalized features, including daily playlists with mixes of your most listened and favorite music. With a paid Spotify premium subscription, you can have any of the music hosted on the platform at your fingertips, at any time. You don’t even need to have internet access to listen to your music on Spotify. With a premium subscription, you can download music and podcasts to your device, which is a highly useful feature when you’re traveling and don’t always have WI-Fi available.

Why Should I Cancel Spotify Premium?

Normally, you would cancel Spotify premium because you simply don’t use the platform anymore, and it’s not worth the money you spend on it. However, many users decide to cancel premium in order to use Spotify premium for free during its trial period without a paid subscription. If you cancel Spotify premium, even right before the next billing date, you won’t have to pay a single dime. This means that you can effectively get a free month of Spotify music, without coughing up extra funds.

Technically, canceling Spotify premium account allows you to listen to music for free, as long as you’re willing to put up with all the issues it causes. You only get a single trial period for every account, but you can technically permanently delete your account to start again, or simply create a new one with a completely new e-mail address.

However, when you delete your free account, you don’t only lose your offline listening and personal mixes, but all of your saved music as well. While canceling free Spotify premium account trial can save you some money, if you want to get back to listening to Spotify, you will have to start collecting all your music again from scratch.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium – Quick Guide

If you have a Spotify account for which you have already paid, or you are running the free version of Spotify premium and don’t want to pay, canceling Spotify premium is actually quite easy.

  1. Open the Spotify app or access Spotify in your web browser
  2. In the top-right corner click on your profile, and select ‘Account’ from the drop-down menu to access the account settings page
  3. Click ‘Manage Plan’
  4. Find the option ‘Change or Cancel’
  5. Click ‘Cancel Premium’
  6. The app will ask you to confirm your choice, select ‘Yes, cancel’

If you followed all of the steps correctly, you should have canceled the premium Spotify account subscription, and you won’t be charged on the next billing date. However, if you have already paid for a Spotify subscription and select cancel premium, you will still keep your premium benefits for the month you have paid.

Are There Other Ways To Get Spotify Free?

If you want to get Spotify completely free, without spending a single dime, then CashYea is your best choice. With CashYea you can easily get free Spotify premium forever, and never lose your music again.

CashYea is the best new money-making site, which allows its users to complete simple tasks to receive a special currency, called gems. When you collect enough gems, you can pay them out in one of the many different forms available. The best feature of CashYea is that users can cash out their funds in many different forms. You can select a standard bank transfer, cryptocurrency, various gift cards, and most importantly, free Spotify premium!

What you get for free at CashYea is not a premium trial like you would get when registering, instead you get a full, functional Spotify account, with all its premium features. All you have to do in order to get it, is complete some simple tasks, such as taking surveys, watching videos, or playing games on your phone. For each task, you get a number of gems, which you can later pay out in one of the different ways available.

Best part is that you don’t even have to be over 18 years old or have a bank account in order to get free Spotify premium forever with CashYea. All you have to do, is simply fill out a couple of surveys every month and you can get your free Spotify premium, without paying!

To Sum Up

Although you can cancel Spotify premium every month to get free premium from your next trial, it’s not really the most efficient way of getting free Spotify premium. Instead, head over to CashYea, complete a couple of simple tasks and enjoy your free Spotify premium forever!

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