Can You Get a Free Gift Card for Buying an iPhone?

Apple is one of the biggest technological companies in the world, providing users with technology that’s efficient but also easy to use. While the Mac computers revolutionized the approach to computers completely, the Apple iPhone has completely changed the idea of what a phone is and started the era of smartphones.

Probably the most revolutionary out of all Apple products, the iPhone has sold billions of units. In order to boost sales, Apple introduced a promotion, where new buyers could also receive a free Apple gift card with a purchase of their iPhone. But can you still get a free Apple gift card for simply purchasing an iPhone?

What Is an Apple Gift Card?

The Apple Store offers its users many different media they can purchase and accessories for their Apple products. When players download music from the iTunes store or a movie for their Apple TV, it gets added to their Apple account, and users can access their purchased media on any Apple device which supports that particular type of media. Users can also purchase Apple books, additional space for their iCloud storage, games from the Apple arcade, phone cases for their iPhones, and many more.

All these things can be easily purchased through the Apple Store app. The Apple store allows users to pay with many different payment methods, one of them being the Apple gift card.

Apple gift cards work just like any different gift card in any store. You can purchase one of the many different gift cards, which will give you a unique code that you can redeem in order to add funds to your Apple Store app balance. You can then simply spend these funds like you would normal money for any in-app purchases in the Apple store.

There are different gift cards, which add different amounts of funds to your Apple account balance. If you’re purchasing an electronic gift card through the Apple store app, you can choose any amount between $10 and $500. The physical gift card, however, can hold even up to $2000. This means that with a couple of high-value Apple gift cards redeemed you can even purchase an Apple watch, without using a credit card or needing a bank account.

Do You Still Get a Free Gift Card with Your iPhone?

On the 25th of November, 2022 Apple introduced a promotional event, meant to boost sales of all Apple products. Everyone who purchased eligible Apple products, which included different iPad versions, Mac computers, and different types of iPhones, would receive a free gift card, which they could either save or spend immediately to purchase additional Apple products for their device.

While the promotion has proven to be a success and has boosted the sales of many Apple products, it’s no longer possible to get a free gift card with a purchase of an iPhone. The promotion, although very effective and well-received, has only lasted until the 28th of November. Since then, it has no longer been possible to get a free gift card for simply purchasing Apple products.

How Can I Get a Free Apple Gift Card?

Although the Apple promotion that gives you a free gift card with an iPhone purchase is no longer available, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a free gift card for the Apple store. If you want to get a gift card that will allow you to shop for different Apple products and services, you should head over to CashYea.

CashYea is a brand-new money-making website, which allows you to get free money and gift cards simply for completing small tasks, such as watching videos or filling out surveys. All you have to do is create a free CashYea account, log in to the website, and start completing tasks. For each task you complete, you will get gems, a special CashYea currency, which can later be exchanged for different payout methods, including a free Apple gift card.

You don’t need to be 18 or have a bank account in order to start making money with tasks on CashYea. The website also has a dedicated support team, ready to help you with whatever issues may come up. CashYea is the best way to get a free and legit Apple gift card, without having to spend a single cent.

In Conclusion

Although you may no longer get a free Apple gift card for simply purchasing an iPhone, this doesn’t mean that free Apple gift cards no longer exist. If you feel like you might want some Apple products or apps, head over to CashYea and start earning your free gift cards today.

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