Free Rocket League Credits: What You Can Buy

Rocket League is one of the most popular online games currently available on the market, with millions of players and a highly competitive eSports scene. The game features two teams, each with players driving their rocket car of choice, trying to shoot the ball into the enemy goal.

The action-packed gameplay, combined with traditional football and a crazy physics engine make Rocket League one of the best online games if you’re looking for quick, skill-intensive matches. The game is free to play as well, while also offering players a lot of items through free drops and the progression system. One of the best features of Rocket League is how much of the game players can customize to fit their liking. Gamers can change virtually any part of their car, including wheels, cars, decals, and toppers.

While the game is free to play, it allows players to pay for a premium currency, known as Rocket League credits. Credits in Rocket League can later be used to purchase products in the item shop or trade items with other players. However, not many players are aware that you can get free Rocket League credits without using any illicit methods. Don’t believe us? Here’s a guide on how to get free credits in Rocket League and what you can spend them on!

Are Free Rocket League Credits Real?

Yes, with CashYea you can now obtain free credits in Rocket League, without spending money on any in-game purchases. CashYea is the best money-making website and a free method for obtaining the Rocket League in-game currency without spending a single dollar! All you need is a phone, internet access, and a little bit of your time every day, and you can earn credits in Rocket League, absolutely free!

CashYea allows its users to earn many different rewards for completing tasks online. After you create a free CashYea account and log in to the website, you will get access to many different tasks that you can complete to earn gems, a CashYea currency, which can later be exchanged for rewards. The tasks on CashYea include watching videos, filling out surveys, and even playing games on your phone. You will get a certain amount of gems for completing every task, with some tasks giving more gems than others.

Once you collect enough gems, you can exchange them for a payout. One of the best features of CashYea is how many different payout methods the website offers. You can choose a standard bank transfer, but also choose PayPal funds, cryptocurrencies, various gift cards, free credits in Rocket League, and many other rewards! Once you get your free credits, you can repeat the process for another payout, essentially getting free Rocket League credits any time you want to purchase something in-game! CashYea is the best and fastest way to obtain free credits, without cheating or getting scammed!

Also, you don’t have to be 18 years old to get free Rocket League credits from CashYea. Although you won’t be able to complete all the tasks due to their age restrictions, you’ll still be able to receive free credits, as well as other payout methods that don’t require you to have a bank account or access to a credit card.

What Can You Get For Free Rocket League Credits?

If you’re wondering what you can spend your free Rocket League credits on, you’ll be happy to learn that free credits in Rocket League work exactly the same as any credits you buy in the store. This means that you can spend your free credits on virtually any purchase in the in-game store. If you’re still not convinced, here are some ideas for what you can buy using your free Rocket League credits.

Get The Rocket Pass

Once Rocket League went free to play, Psyonix introduced the battle pass model to the game, effectively it allows players to earn free items by completing in-game missions and unlocking new Rocket Pass levels. The game features two types of battle pass: free and paid Rocket Pass. Unlocking the paid pass requires spending money on credits, but if you have free Rocket League credits from CashYea, you can unlock the paid Rocket Pass absolutely free! CashYea is the best free way of unlocking the Rocket Pass. Once you have the free credits in your account, go to the in-game store and unlock you Rocket Pass, without spending any money!

Rocket League Trading

You don’t have to spend your free Rocket League credits in the in-game store. Rocket League trading is another great method of using your free credits to obtain Rocket League items. Many players who get credits in Rocket League choose to spend them on trading with other players, instead of the game store. In Rocket League players can trade items and credits with other players, and the game features a highly developed in-game economy. When you get free credits in Rocket League, you can spend them on trading for the rare items you want from other players.

DLC Packs

One of the things that you can buy with free Rocket League credits are the various DLC packs, containing premium battle cars, decals, banners, and many more! These DLC packs are often very expensive credits-wise, so free Rocket League credits can help you get them without spending a lot of money. If you collect a lot of credits, you can even get free DLC packs for Rocket League, without spending a single dollar!


The Rocket League in-game store also features a number of cosmetics that you can purchase from the in-game store. The cosmetics available in the store change on a regular basis, so you should keep an eye out for what’s in stock in the store. There are many different toppers, wheels, or decals that are available in the in-game store at any time. Free Rocket League credits can help you instantly expand your inventory with quick in-game store purchases and get your favorite car design today!

To Sum Up

Here are just a couple of ideas for how to spend your free Rocket League credits. Remember, if you ever want to get new Rocket League items, but don’t feel like paying, be sure to check out CashYea for the quickest method for free Rocket League credits!

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