How To Get Free CS:GO Skins: A Legit Guide

In 2023 gaming and eSports are still very popular, and if you play games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you might even find a chance to profit from doing what you like. CS:GO skins are one of the most valuable in-game drops in current gaming, and players who have rare skins in their inventory might be unknowingly sitting on some real fortune.

While most skins are obtained by opening weapon cases or trading on the Steam community market, there are a couple of methods to get free CS:GO skins. Here is how to earn free skins in a legitimate way.

What Are CS:GO Skins?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has very extensive customization options, allowing players to change many different aspects of their looks. Players can change how their guns look but also buy new looks for their gloves, knives, and even entire character models.

Weapon skins are by far the most important part of the in-game economy, with the rarest skin having a legendary status and being worth thousands of dollars. Some skin variants are actually so rare, that they don’t even have a standardized price, although their owners sometime report that they were contacted by collectors willing to pay insane sums to get their hands on the rare weapon skin.

Most skins are obtained by simply playing games. Every time you finish a match, you have a chance for some skins. While these are mostly cheap skins, you can sometimes randomly get something rare and worth a little bit more money. On one hand, you have the gambling mechanic in CS:GO, weapon cases. Whenever you open a case you have a chance to get one of the many items inside, including covert or super rare skins, often worth hundreds of dollars.

Finally, the is the Steam market and other trading sites. CS:GO has a very complex skins economy, where players who understand how it works can rake in some nice money. While you can trade with other players on the Steam marketplace, third-party markets like Skinsmonkey or Skincashier are a much better choice, since you get the best deals and can avoid the pay-cut that Steam takes out of every transaction.

Are Free CSGO Skins Valuable Items?

Most of the expensive skins for Counter Strike are very rare, and because of this if you want to have cool skins in your Steam account, most players believe you would have to pay a lot of money. However, this isn’t true. You can get completely free skins, which can be worth quite a lot of money.

Although a free skin that would be worth a lot might be more difficult to obtain, it’s still free stuff and in many cases- also free money. Even if you don’t play the game, rare CSGO skins are a good investment and you can obtain them through free skin giveaways, free rewards or a couple of other methods, that can reward you with free valuable skins.

How To Get Free CS:GO Skins?

If you want to add some free CSGO valuable skin to your inventory, there are a couple of methods, that allow you to do this. Here’s what you can try:

  1. Free Giveaways

Many websites that deal with CS:GO skins offer free skins through giveaways as a form of promotion. Different websites might be offering different skins in their giveaways, so be on the lookout for the best offers you can get. In some cases in order to earn free skins, you might be required to register a free account or share some content on your social media sites.

In some cases, trading sites offer some really expensive skins for free. However, you have to keep in mind that like many other types of giveaways, your chances of obtaining free skins in this manner are completely random.

Skinsmonkey regularly holds giveaways, handing out free CSGO skins to the lucky winners, often with skins of higher quality than on other sites. If you want to try your luck, enter one of the free Skinsmonkey giveaways and see if you can win.

  1. Trade-up contracts

Although this requires you to first give up 10 skins, it’s still technically free, as trade-up contracts are the best way to get rid of cheap common skins you don’t need to try and get free CS:GO skins of higher quality.

Trade-up contracts are the original in-game method of obtaining free CS:GO skins from the level of the game client. All you have to do, is open the game, select the trade-up option and choose 10 skins of the same quality to sacrifice for one free skin of higher quality.

While you’re unable to choose a specific skin to obtain with this method, you can control it to a certain extent. You can only obtain skins from the collections of the skins you used in the trade-up, and the skin’s quality will always be the average float value of all the skins used.

  1. Gambling Sites

If you like taking risks, you can get free CSGO skins through gambling. May CSGO players like to bet on their favorite eSports teams in big tournaments, and if you do everything right you can even make a decent amount of money in free CSGO skins.

Gambling sites for CSGO work exactly the same like any other sport bets, where users can choose to bet on the match winner, as well as on various other in-game moments, like someone getting a certain amount of headshots.

CSGO gambling is another great method to get free CSGO skins by sacrificing some of the skins that you might not need. If there are some skins that you don’t use and are sitting in your Steam account inventory, try betting them on the next tournament. You might earn some free cash this way.

  1. CashYea

CashYea is a new website, which allows you to redeem free rewards for completing tasks, such as watching videos, playing games, or completing paid surveys. After you complete specific tasks, you will earn points, which you can later choose to receive in a payout. You can select one of the many different payout methods, such as a bank transfer, cryptocurrency, free gift cards and even free CSGO skins.

When you sign up for CashYea you will receive a welcome bonus, as well as a referral link that you can share with other users. If they choose to sign up and use CashYea as well, you will receive additional free points. After you complete a number of tasks, you can choose to receive your payout in free CSGO skins of an equal value.

CashYea is great, because you can easily save up for an expensive skin by simply completing small tasks. All you need to do to get CSGO skins for free is your phone and an internet connection. With CashYea you can complete tasks anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. If you’ve got some time to spare and want free stuff, CashYea is your best choice.

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