How to Get Free Audiobooks with Amazon Prime?

Amazon is known as one of the most comprehensive subscription-based services on the market. The membership provides numerous benefits, including free delivery, access to streaming platforms, special discounts, and much more. However, did you know that it also takes care of all the bookworms? Today we’ll tell you all about Prime Reading and show you how to get free Amazon Prime audiobooks.

What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon is known as the largest online retailer in the world, but nowadays it’s so much more than that. In its early days, the company was simply a delivery business, which then evolved into an entire empire that can meet its customers’ every need. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, wanted to take advantage of this and create a subscription-based program that would allow customers to access all of Amazon’s services without having to create numerous memberships. This is how Amazon Prime was created.

Amazon Prime is a membership program that operates on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Its users can enjoy access to virtually everything the company has to offer, plus receive additional discounts and other similar member benefits across multiple platforms. Examples of such perks include:

and many more.

If you want to learn in detail about the benefits of being a Prime member, go ahead andย read the article, which we have devoted entirely to this topic.

How Expensive is Amazon Prime?

Amazon offers incredible value for money, and the subscription plans available on the platform are actually among some of the best on the market. What’s more, students can enjoy a 50% student discount. Currently, membership costs are as follows:

Regular pricing:

  • $14.99 per month
  • $139 per year

Student discount:

  • $7.49 per month
  • $69 per year

What Is Audible?

Audible is an online platform for listening to podcasts and audiobooks. It was established back in 1998, but initially, it only sold its own portable media players, which were designed to replay books downloaded from the Audible website. Today, their business profile is a bit different. But if you are not familiar with either Amazon or Audible, you may be asking yourself: why are we even talking about this?

Well, in 2008 Amazon bought Audible and thus began a fruitful cooperation between the companies, with Audible becoming a subsidiary of the giant. This implied that its services now fell under Amazon’s overall umbrella. However, this does not necessarily mean that people can stream countless audiobooks for free if they are Prime members.

What Is Prime Reading?

Prime Reading is one of the benefits offered to Amazon Prime members. It provides them with access to a wide selection of Amazon Prime audiobooks each month, which they can listen to without any restrictions. What’s more, the service also includes a variety of Kindle books and magazines, all of which change every 30 days, so you can always find something that interests you.

This is a great perk for all bookworms. Interestingly, some people don’t even know that their Amazon Prime subscription allows access to such a service. However, it should be noted that Prime Reading is not the same as Audible.

What Is the Difference Between Audible and Prime Reading?

Prime Reading and Audible are completely two different services. First of all, the first one is part of a larger package, so you don’t have to pay extra for it, but it also can’t be purchased separately. On top of that, its content consists of a select number of titles that can be both listened to and read on the Kindle.

Secondly, Audible is a service solely for listening to audiobooks and podcasts and can operate either on a subscription basis or simply by purchasing access to selected books. However, it is necessary to point out here that buying a subscription to Audible does not provide you with unlimited access to the recordings featured on the Audible app. Instead, you get a certain number of credits that you can spend on individual entries. The platform’s library is basically unlimited, but each title is treated separately.

How Much Is an Audible Subscription?

Audible provides 2 subscription plans and these are:

  • Audible Plus – $7.95/month
  • Audible Premium Plus – $14.95/month

Both provide unlimited access to originals, podcasts, sleep tracks, meditation programs and audiobooks from the Audible Plus catalog, however, Audible Premium Plus also offers 1 additional credit that can be spent on any book from the Audible library.

There are also special offers for those interested in additional credits or annual payment plans. These include:

  • Audible Premium Plus with 2 extra credits – $22.95/month
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual with 12 extra credits – $149.50/year
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual with 24 extra credits – $229.50/year

So, as you can see, Audible is not the most budget-friendly subscription. We would say that only true bookworms might want to pay such a price for access to a select catalog of books. The average reader will certainly settle for the Prime Reading option, which they probably already have anyway as part of their Prime membership.

Does Audible Have a Free Trial?

If you’re still hesitating about which subscription is right for you, you’ll be happy to know that the two offer a free trial period for new users. In fact, Amazon Prime and Audible both give readers 30 days to use their services at no charge. What’s more, if you’re a Prime member and want to try out Audible Premium Plus, you’ll get 2 additional credits that you can spend on Audible books.

How to Get Free Audiobooks?

While the Prime Reading benefit is a great thing, we know that it’s not exactly free, as you have to pay for membership anyway. We also know that the trial period is not enough to enjoy all the audiobooks, especially since their selection changes every month. Therefore, we come to you with a solution that will allow you to enjoy all the perks of the Prime program without having to spend a buck.

CashYea is a great money-making platform that provides simple tasks that can be completed in 5 minutes or less. This includes, for example, watching short videos, playing games, or filling out surveys. In return for doing these, users receive Gems, a special currency available on the site. They can later be withdrawn using one of the available methods. People can choose from traditional bank transfers, free gift cards, or even free Prime subscriptions!

So if you’re looking for a way to have a Prime membership and enjoy its benefits without spending money, CashYea is for you!


Both Audible and Prime Reading are great options for bookworms, but the Prime subscription is much more cost-effective, especially considering that you get to enjoy a number of other benefits by owning it. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to get access to free audiobooks, Amazon Prime is the one for you. Also, remember that by using CashYea, you can access the program for absolutely no cost. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and all the books will be yours.

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