Best Websites To Sell CSGO Skins

Nowadays, many online games allow players to collect and trade items that can be worth real money. Many players choose to sell skins they don’t use to make real money instantly. Selling CSGO skins can be very profitable since some CSGO skins are worth a lot of money. CSGO knife skins can easily be worth over $1000, and some of the rarer weapon skins sell for more than $ 10,000 a pop.

And although CS:GO allows players to easily sell skins on the Steam community market, there are far better CSGO skins trading websites, that allow you to get the most money out of your CSGO skins. If you’re looking to successfully sell CSGO skins for the best prices!

How Can I Get Free CSGO Skins?

Although you can get free CSGO skins for simply playing matches, if you’re looking to build your own CSGO inventory, filled with some of the best CSGO skins available, there are better ways to do this. You can really get free CSGO skins, that you can letter sell for real money, and the best method to get them is CashYea

CashYea is the new best money-making website, that allows its users to complete simple tasks in order to receive free CSGO skins, without spending a single dollar. The best part is that you can even get free CSGO skins at CashYea without having to be over 18 or having access to a bank account.

All you need to receive free skins with CashYea, all you need, is a phone, internet access, and a little bit of the time. When you log in to CashYea with your free account, you will see a list of many different tasks you can complete. At CashYea you can complete surveys for real money, watch short videos, and even play mobile games in order to get free CSGO skins, funds for your PayPal account, cryptocurrencies and many more.

Once you collect enough gems for completing tasks, you can cash them out with one of the many different methods. One of them includes free CSGO skins. Weapon skins that you get at CashYea are real, and can be used to trade for real cash. This means that you can literally get free cash from the CSGO skins you get at CashYea.

Why You Shouldn’t Use The Steam Community Market?

Although Steam community market is an easy and convenient method of selling skins, it’s not the most efficient method. If you’re planning to sell CS GO skins instantly, or want to trade more expensive items, selling them at the Steam marketplace won’t let you get the most cash possible out of your CSGO skins.

Although Steam market is a great way to easily trade items from your Steam account, when selling items there are a couple of major issues with the Steam community market, that you have to take into consideration:

  1. When selling items on the Steam marketplace, you can’t sell skins instantly and must wait for a buyer, who might be interested in your item. This means that at worst you might have to wait weeks or months if you’re selling a CSGO skin that’s not very popular.
  2. When you sell CSGO skins at the Steam marketplace, you can only receive your money in Steam wallet funds. This means that if you want to receive your payout, you will have to cash out your Steam wallet. This takes some effort and can make cashing out larger amounts of Steam wallet funds very difficult.
  3. Valve takes out a cut out of every transaction on the Steam community market, meaning that you won’t be able to sell your skins for the most money possible. Also, the cut will be bigger when selling expensive items, meaning that if you want to trade expensive CSGO items on the market, the price will be much worse than what you get on other websites.

What Are The Best Websites To Sell CSGO Skins?

As you can see, trading CSGO skins can require some extra knowledge. If you want to sell CSGO skins for the best prices available, you should first research all the best methods of trading items from your Steam inventory. If you have some CSGO items you want to trade, here are the best websites to sell CSGO skins:


If you’re simply looking to cash out your CSGO inventory for a quick payout, Skincashier is one of the best third-party sites for you. The concept of the website is simply – you can sell items from your Steam inventory for instant cash, PayPal money, or another payment method. Skincashier allows you to sell CSGO items for cash instantly, and makes the selling process as easy and transparent as possible. You can sell skins quickly for many other games as well, such as Dota 2 or Rust.

Skincashier is a great website if you’re simply looking to receive cash without any hidden fees, and allows you to get instant money in just a few minutes by selling skins. It’s one of the best third party websites for selling CSGO skins, and if you need some quick cash, it’s the best way to cash out your CSGO inventory.


Skinomat works very similarly to Skincashier – the website allows you to sell skins and items for many Steam games, including CSGO. Besides CSGO skin trading, you can also sell TF2 weapons and Dota 2 skins. Like Skincashier, Skinomat also allows you to sell CSGO skins for PayPal money, crytpo, or just instant cash. You will quickly receive funds in your selected payment method, so if you’re looking for fast money, the website is for you.

Skinomat makes skin trading easy and is more straightforward than many third-party sites. You can quickly sell the skins you don’t need, for a quick bank transfer of funds. If you plan to start selling Counter Strike skins, be sure to check out Skinomat!


If you want to trade CSGO skins with real players, OPmarket is the best third party website that will let you either buy or sell CS:GO skins. You can either create your own trade offer on the market, or simply purchase the items that other players have for sale. OPmarket accepts many different payment methods, meaning that you can turn your PayPal account funds, crypto or Apple Pay money into CSGO skins, or sell your skins for one of the many payout methods available.

OPmarket allows you to easily sell items from your Steam accounts, and receive many different funds in return. By trading CSGO skins with other players, you also have a chance to get the best deals possible, so if you’re looking for third-party websites for CSGO trading, OPmarket is the best choice for you.


Although Skinsmonkey advertises itself as a third-party website for trading CSGO skins, it also allows users to sell CSGO skins for PayPal account funds, standard bank transfer, crypto and many other payout methods. Skinsmonkey is a great choice if you want to sell CSGO skins, and buy some other cosmetic items for yourself. Besides CSGO skins, Skinsmonkey also features other virtual items, such as TF2 hats or Rust skins.

Besides a standard wire transfer, Skinsmonkey offers other methods of cashing out your CSGO inventory, such as crypto, PayPal funds, or many other possible choices. Besides trading, Skinsmonkey also offers regular giveaways, where you have a real chance to score free CSGO skins. If you want to expand your CSGO inventory and maybe make some money in the process, Skinsmonkey can be a good choice.

In Conclusion

Selling CSGO skins can be a great way to make some extra money. If you want to make the most cash that you can out of your skins, be sure to choose the best websites to sell your skins. And if you want to earn money with free CS:GO skins, visit CashYea, and get your free skins today!

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