Best Way To Get Free PSN Codes

Sony PlayStation is one of the world’s most popular gaming consoles, with many different versions released over the years. In order to facilitate online play on their more modern consoles, Sony has introduced the PlayStation Network, which allows players to connect worldwide and compete against one another in their favorite games. In addition, PlayStation Network features an online store, the PlayStation Store, which allows players to purchase their favorite games, DLC, and other kinds of media anytime, anywhere.

While most players choose to simply purchase games from the PlayStation Store by paying with their credit card, the platform, like many other stores, features gift cards, which allow players to pay for their games without having to use their bank account.

And while you normally have to purchase a PSN gift card by using real money, there’s a chance to get free PSN codes, without spending a single dime! Does this sound like something you might want? Here’s how to get free PSN codes, completely legit!

Are Free PSN Codes Real?

Yes, free PSN codes are real and perfectly legit! Free PSN codes function the same way any PSN gift card codes do, but instead of receiving your physical gift card, you simply have a code, which you can use to charge your account with a certain number of funds.

At the moment, PSN users can choose from eight different gift cards, each holding a different amount of funds. These gift cards include:

  • $10
  • $25
  • $30
  • $50
  • $55
  • $70
  • $75
  • $100

You can get free PlayStation gift cards featuring one of these amounts, completely free! Free PlayStation codes can be used to purchase anything in the PlayStation Store, just like you would be paying with a standard bank card. When you use a PSN gift card, all you have to do is enter the code in your account in the PlayStation Store, and your PlayStation account will be charged with the appropriate funds from your free PSN code. You can then use these funds to pay for anything in the store. You can redeem PSN codes in order to pay for games, subscriptions, DLCs, and many more!

How To Get Free PSN Codes?

As you can see, free PSN codes are a useful thing and can be a great way to pay for various content in the store. Here are the best methods you can use to earn free PSN codes and enjoy your favorite PlayStation games today!


If you want to quickly earn free PSN codes, you won’t find a better website than CashYea, the number one money-making site on the internet!. At CashYea, users can complete simple tasks, in order to earn points, which they can later exchange for PayPal cash, Visa gift cards, and even free PlayStation network codes!

After you create your free account and log in to the CashYea website, you will receive access to many different tasks, that you can complete in order to earn virtual currency, known as gems. The best part about CashYea, is that the website offers its users a wide selection of different tasks, which means you’ll always be able to earn more gems and won’t get bored in the process. The tasks offered at CashYea include playing games, completing surveys, and even watching videos online! All you need to start earning gems at CashYea is a phone, internet access, and just a little bit of your time. Earning free PSN codes has never been easier!

If you don’t have a credit card or aren’t over 18 years old, don’t worry, you can still earn free PSN codes with CashYea, even if you don’t have a bank account! Although you won’t be able to access all of the tasks offered on the website, you’ll still be able to earn free gaming gift cards, without having to spend a dime! CashYea is the number one destination online whenever you’re looking for free PSN codes!

Free PSN Codes Lists

Although PSN gift cards cost money and are generally a valuable commodity, there are actually free PSN code lists available online, which contain legit free PSN codes. You can safely redeem codes from such websites and use them to pay for anything in the store.

If you’re looking for a PlayStation network code with as little effort as possible, it doesn’t get much easier than this. There are many reasons why you can find perfectly fine free PSN codes online. PlayStation gift cards are sometimes handed out as a form of promotion for various gaming and technological events, and sadly, they are often picked up by people who are not PlayStation users. In cases like these, those who have a PlayStation gift card will often hand it over through Reddit, or some other type of social media. However, if you’re interested in scoring free PSN codes this way, you have to be fast and try to get your hands on unclaimed codes!


Another great way of earning free gift cards is to participate in one of the many different giveaways organized online. Gaming websites and YouTube channels often host contests and giveaways, where participants can win free Sony rewards, including free PSN codes. Although PSN codes giveaways can be entirely luck based, they are still a great way to earn free PSN codes and play games from the PlayStation store without paying a dime.

Most websites and channels will require you to subscribe, share a post to your social media or register a free account on their website. This should enter you into the giveaway, and give you a chance to score free PSN codes. If you’re looking for free PlayStation gift cards, giveaways can be a great way to score free PSN codes, so keep an eye out and look for any giveaways organized by gaming websites and channels!

To Sum Up

Although it might sound like a scam, free PlayStation gift cards are really a thing. They are also perfectly safe to use, you can purchase anything from the store using them, and you won’t get banned. Remember, if you ever need to redeem codes for free PlayStation games, be sure to check out CashYea, where you can get free PSN codes, anytime, anywhere!

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