Apple Gift Cards: What Can You Use Them For?

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world, offering users worldwide their technological solutions. Mac computers and iPhones have revolutionized tech and given users without much technical knowledge a way to implement technology into their daily lives.

Today, smartphones are a part of everyday existence for most people, and iPhones played a huge role in this shift. Since Apple has been releasing its devices and software regularly over the years, the company also included an app store for both their computers and phones, allowing users to access many types of media, apps, and many, many more.

While most users opt to simply pay for their Apple store purchases using a credit card, the store also gives the option to pay with Apple gift cards. These are pre-paid cards that include a certain amount of funds tied to the card code. When you enter it in the store, you receive a cash credit, which you can use normally for all of your purchases. Gift cards are a great way to purchase Apple products you want when you don’t have access to a credit card, but they also make great gifts for any Apple fan.

So what can you buy with a free Apple gift card? Here are some suggestions that can help you make up your mind!

Can You Really Get Free Apple Gift Cards?

Yes, getting free Apple gift cards is easy, and anyone can do it from the comfort of their home, if they have an access to the internet and a phone available. All you need to start earning is a free CashYea account.

CashYea is a new money-making website, which allows its users to complete tasks and receive gems which they can exchange for money, gift card codes and money more, completely free! The CashYea website is perfectly legit way of getting free Apple gift cards, which is perfectly safe. You will always receive your free Apple gift card instantly, as soon as you cash out your gems.

After you register your free CashYea account, all you need to do is log in, find the tasks that you want to complete and cash out your gems for a free Apple gift card. At CashYea you can select and browse between many different types of tasks, which include completing surveys, watching videos or even playing games. For each task that you complete you receive a number of gems tied to your account. After you gather enough gems, you will be able to cash them out, in one of the many methods available. You can choose cash, free Apple gift cards and even cryptocurrency.

CashYea is a great method of getting free Apple gift cards that you can use to pay in the Apple store. The website is perfectly legit, giving users a quick and easy method of getting a free Apple gift card by completing a couple simple tasks. If you encounter any problems in cashing out your free Apple gift card, the CashYea support is available 24/7 to help you resolve any kind of issues you might have.

What Can A Free Apple Gift Card Be Used For

Apple gift cards are a great way to pay in the Apple store for any of the products you might need. If you have some free Apple gift card codes in your possession, here are some things you can do with it:

  1. Pay For Subscriptions

The Apple store offers many different apps, which have a subscription model, or free but include an optional subscription, which offers additional features. Netflix, Apple Music or Apple TV are just a couple of apps, which run on a subscription.

The Apple store offers an easy way to manage subscriptions for the users by connecting their card to their Apple account. The Apple store app will simply charge you the money every month for each subscription that you have tied to your account. However, when you redeem an Apple gift card, you receive funds which are tied to your Apple account balance. You can select an option to charge your subscriptions only off of the account balance, without charging any money from your credit card.

  1. iCloud Storage

Apple store gift cards can also be used to purchase additional storage for your account on iCloud. This is particularly useful if you use your Apple devices for work-related reasons and store a lot of media in your account. Over time these pieces of media can take up a significant part of your total storage, forcing you to purchase some extra space in the Apple store.

Like with many other products, you can use free Apple gift cards to pay for this extra storage. This means that with CashYea, you can easily keep expanding your iCloud storage for free with the gift card codes you receive for completing the CashYea tasks.

  1. Apple Products And Accesories

Like any other products in the Apple store, you can also pay for Apple products and accessories. Besides the more expensive hardware, such as iPhones or Mac computers, users who have a free gift card for the Apple store can use it to pay for one of the many accessories available for your Apple products. You can use the funds from your free Apple gift card to pay for screen protectors, phone cases, and many, many more.

  1. Music And Other Media

You can use an Apple gift card as a free iTunes gift card that can pay for your music. There are many other types of media as well, such as movies or books, that you can purchase in the Apple store. When you redeem gift cards, you can spend your funds on any media from the Apple an iTunes store. Your free iTunes gift cards can help you access your favorite music, podcasts and many more, without paying a single dollar!

  1. Applications And Software

Finally, the Apple store includes a large amount of applications or software for the different Apple devices. You can download paid software for your Mac computer or iPhone by paying for it with the free Apple gift card. Besides high-quality games, there are other very useful paid apps in the store. You can purchase software for your Mac computer that will help you manage your work more efficiently or an app that allows you to record and edit footage on your iPhone. There are many different apps you can purchase with a free Apple gift card in the store, and you can pay for al lof them by simply completing surveys or other tasks at CashYea.

In Conclusion

Free Apple gift cards are just as effective as any other payment method in the Apple stores. If you ever want any free products for your Apple computer or phone, register your free account on CashYea and start collecting gems today!

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