5 Easy Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

There is probably not a single person today, who hasn’t heard about cryptocurrency and its impact on the world. Bitcoin, the most famous currency in the world has been in the mouths of many people worldwide and has even shaken up some nations’ economies, with people shifting their funds from banks to crypto.

With cryptocurrency gaining such immense popularity, many regular people wanted a piece of the cake as well. However, bitcoin mining and crypto trading is a complex process, and without the proper knowledge all you can end up with, are financial losses. Still, there are some easier methods that you can use to earn free bitcoin for your wallet and enjoy the cryptocurrency.

  1. Online games and casinos

The first method includes two different forms of online games: casinos and blockchain-based games. The first category is a bit catchy. If you want to try it, remember that virtual casinos function almost identically to regular ones. This means that to attempt to get free bitcoin with this method you have to be a legal adult, as well as have access to your bank account. Currently, there are hundreds of different online casinos available, where players can bet and gamble with potential crypto rewards. Many of online casinos also offer you a crypto bonus on a sign-up or first deposit. Some of the most popular online casinos, where you can gamble with crypto include:

  1. RealPoker – Realpoker is perhaps the best choice if you want to start gambling with bitcoin, but don’t have a lot of experience with card games. Most RealPoker users are either newbies or people who mostly play mobile casinos for fun, so don’t expect a lot of competition. RealPoker also offers a small bonus to new years in form of 0.0015 Bitcoin. Keep in mind, however, that to get a payout in crypto rewards, you will need to first reach level 20.
  2. FortuneJack – FortuneJack offers very generous starting rewards, with dedicated players able to go for as much as 5 BTC in introduction prizes, as well as various free spins. FortuneJack is based more on traditional casino games like slots, roulette or blackjack, meaning that if you want to try your luck, this website is the best choice.
  3. 999Dice – For fans of dice who want to try scoring some free bitcoins there is no better choice than 999Dice. The game is perfect for those, who just want to try and earn free bitcoins with just their phone. Although the entry bonuses are a bit small, it’s a perfect game if you don’t have a lot of time.

Outside of casino games, there are also various blockchain-based online games, which reward players with blockchain rewards. These mostly involve players collecting cards or monsters, which can be minted and later traded to your wallet. This way, you can trade your free items into bitcoin quite easily.

  1. Mining Browsers And Software

If you’ve been watching the news, chances are you have seen some of the massive crypto farms popping up around the world in various places. For many, this is the main way to earn bitcoins, although considering the potential electricity costs involved this can hardly be considered free bitcoin.

If you’ve downloaded something off the web, chances are you might have also accidentally installed bitcoin mining software on your PC. Sometimes hackers add this virus to various files, turning your PC into an unwilling bitcoin mining device, stealing your processing power to get free bitcoin.

And although you can earn free crypto with mining if you know what you’re doing, there’s a much easier way to handle this process, especially for users who are not so tech-savvy. There’s actually an easy way to mine bitcoin when simply using the internet. You can use a crypto mining browser, which will automatically mine bitcoin for you by using your computer’s processing power, as the browser’s processes are running in the background. Although this is one of the slower methods that you can use to earn bitcoin, it’s still free BTC you can easily make while browsing the internet as you would usually do.

If you don’t want to change your browser, you can also use bitcoin mining software. Unlike the illegal ones you receive with a potential malware infection for your PC, these bitcoin mining programs can simply be started by you and will run in the background, mining crypto with your computer’s processing power.

  1. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are a great choice for those users, who want bitcoin rewards with little effort. With bitcoin faucets, you don’t have to download anything. As a matter of fact, you don’t really have to do anything at all. These websites literally offer free bitcoin, without any real catch. So what’s stopping people from using them on a mass scale? Two reasons, one being that they generally offer a very small amount of bitcoin, and two, you need to put in a captcha every time you want your free cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin faucets allow you to earn free rewards in crypto for simply completing the captcha. There’s a cap on how much cryptocurrency you can earn this way, however, in order to prevent people from exploiting this method. Still, if you’re looking to earn some free bitcoin, crypto faucets aren’t a bad idea.

  1. Bitcoin Lending Platforms

To try this method you must first have some bitcoin wealth of your own, however lending crypto to other users at an interest rate can be a great method to earn free bitcoin fast.

Perhaps the best feature of this method, is that it’s technically completely free. Bitcoin lending platforms function on the same principle as any type of money lending. Special lending sites connect borrowers with users who are willing to lend them their cryptocurrency funds at a percentage rate. This way you can simply earn interest on the crypto you lend to others, making this a great method to earn passive income if you have enough funds to enter lending.

All lending online platforms generally verify any crypto owners who want to borrow extra funds in order to identify the possible risk of a borrower not being able to pay back interest. However, if this happens, the lending site will pay the owner back.

  1. Crypto Airdrops

In order to boost the coin’s popularity, crypto project owners often utilize various promotions which allow users who’re already holding some coins to earn free crypto rewards for completing tasks, such as liking their posts or sharing their content on your social media pages.

Many users keep a lookout for potential crypto airdrops, as they are easy money online for anyone willing to do the minimum work required. Simple tasks which allow you to earn free cryptocurrency are a great way to quickly gather free coins with little effort.

Although crypto airdrops are so easy that anyone can do them, you can’t earn free bitcoin this way directly. Still, if you get some funds for your crypto wallet address, you can then trade them to get free bitcoins.

  1. CashYea

CashYea is one of the best and legit methods of getting free bitcoins for your crypto wallet. The website allows you to complete simple tasks, such as watching videos, playing games, or signing up for a website. When you complete these tasks, you receive free points, known as gems. When you collect enough gems, you can later exchange them for free bitcoins. CashYea is a great method of getting free bitcoin, as well as other crypto rewards. The website also allows you cash out in Etherum and many other cryptocurrencies of your choice.

In Conclusion

Although free bitcoin might sound like a perfect scam idea, there are some legitimate websites, which allow you to quickly and easily earn free crypto rewards. If you want some free bitcoin of your own, try one of the methods listed here.

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